Budget Beijing Tibet Tour

Overview: Beijing is the historical city with many places of interest. Such as the Forbidden City, the Great Way, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and etc. The Forbidden City, the Ming and Qing dynasties were the Imperial Palace. The Great Wall is one of the Eight Wonders in the world. Beijing is a city you can’t miss for your China Tour. Beijing is also a good gateway to get to Tibet for travelers who would like to have a Tibet Tour.

Beijing tour before you go to Tibet

Most travelers would prefer to have one day Beijing city tour before they go to Tibet. There is many one day Beijing city group tour provided by the local travel agency. You’d better join these group tours for your first time China tour. For one day Beijing tour, the Forbidden City, Tian’an Men Square, and the Great Wal are the attractions you can’t miss. You can experience the lifestyle of the emperor of ancient China in the morning at the Forbidden City. And hiking at the Great Wall at Mutianyu in the afternoon. The Great Wall at the Mutianyu is the best reservation select of the Great Wall and less Chinese travelers. It is a great challenge to climb the Great After that, you can understand the mean of the Chinese old saying “less than the Great Wall of non-hero. “ If you plan to stay one more day in Beijing, you can explore the Summer Palace, the Hutongs in the morning. And enjoy the famous Beijing Roast Duck at the Quanjude restaurant. Pay a visit to the Temple of Heaven in the afternoon.

How to get to Tibet from Beijing.

There are two ways for you to get to Tibet from Beijing. One is taking a flight to Tibet, the other is taking a train via the Qinghai Tibet Railway to Tibet. There are two direct flights fly to Lhasa from Beijing every day. One is the morning flight. It departs from Beijing at 8:20 am and arrives in Lhasa at 15:15. The other is the afternoon flight. It departs from Beijing at 14:50 and arrives in Lhasa at 19:30. If you have enough time, you’d better take a train to Lhasa. The train departs from Beijing at 20:00 and arrives in Lhasa at 12:50 pm. It is about 40 hours train tour. You are supposed to stay 2 night on the train. The highlights of the train tour stars from Xining. You can view the continuous snow mountain, countless lake and boundless glass land on the train.

Tips: It is very difficult to purchase the train ticket from Beijing to Lhasa in the peak season(from July to September).You can ask your travel agency to help you book the train ticket. Sometimes, your travel agency also needs to purchase the train ticket from the ticket scalpers.

When is the best time to have Beijing Tibet Tour?

Generally speaking, from April to early October is the best time to have the Beijing Tibet Tour. You’re better to avoid visiting Beijing during the Golden Week(also called Chinese National Holiday) as there are lots of Chinese travelers.