Budget Tibet Tour

Famous as the “third pole of the world”, Tibet located on Tibetan Plateau with an average altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level. More and more international travelers want to explore this mysterious land, but travel in Tibet is more expensive than in other cities of China. However, there’s also the opportunity to have a budget Tibet tour. We offer group tour packages to make a Tibet tour affordable.

Covers a massive area, Tibet is huge. If you travel by yourself, the cost of driver and vehicle is a big amount. For example, travel from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp and back costs more than CNY10, 000, while to Nam Tso Lake and back costs more than CNY3, 000.

What’s more, international travelers can’t travel in Tibet by themselves. You must hire an English speaking travel guide with a permit, and it’s not cheap. Travel with a small budget, this will increase the cost.

To enter scenic sites, such as temples, monasteries, lakes, and mountains, you should pay the entrance fee. The price varies according to seasons, for example, the entrance fee for the Potala Palace is USD32 per person in high season, and is USD14 for Jokhang Temple. A tour from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp will take you between USD175 to USD225 per person for entrance fees.

Before entering Tibet, you should apply for a Chinese Visa, a Tibet Travel Permit, and some other permits. They’re not for free.

To have a budget tour in Tibet without lowering the quality, you’re suggested to join a group tour. You will save thousands of dollars.

Great Tibet Tour is a Tibetan local travel agency with 13 years’ experience in running tour in Tibet. We are professional, passionate and reputable. To help travelers all around the world realize their Tibet dreams with a small budget, we offer various group tour packages. Join a group tour will save up 20% and you won’t miss any must-see site. If you book with other two companions or book more than 3 months ahead, you can get another 5% off. Join a group tour means you can share the cost of travel guide, driver, and vehicle with other members of your group, which will absolutely easy your burden. Don’t worry, to ensure an effective communication between travel guide and travelers, our group is maximum with 12 members. The group tour also offers you a wonderful opportunity to make friends with amazing people who have same interests with you.

Our hand-picked travel guides and drivers are local Tibetans, they will show you the beauty of their hometown in details. Don’t worry about your safety, we will prepare comfortable vehicles with bottled oxygen and medkits for you.

Besides, we will book suitable hotels with a good price for you, hot water and breakfast are available. You will enjoy a good sleep after a colorful day.

For budget travelers, train tour is reasonable. Take a train to Tibet not only costs less but also rewarding. You will enjoy breathtaking landscape along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, which will add highlights to your Tibet tour.

If you want to realize your Tibet dream with a small budget, the best choice is to contact us. Our tailor-designed Tibet group tour will take you to the holy land, visit the splendid Potala Palace, trek to the Mount Everest, and kora around the Mount Kailash. Don’t hesitate, refresh your spirit and touch the nature in Tibet now.

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