How to Plan a Budget Tibet Tour

It is possible to travel to Tibet on a low budget even there are various expenses.

It is possible to travel to Tibet on a low budget even there are various expenses? The cost can be cut down from several ways such as the transportation, accommodation, the food and the number of travelers in your tour.

By train instead of a plane

In order to travel to Tibet on a low budget, the first thing is to cut down the fee on the transportation. That means you’d better take a train to Tibet instead of flight. Taking a train to Tibet, you will see amazing scenery which you will miss by flight. You will spend more than 40 hours to take the train trip if you start from Chengdu, Chongqi, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. The railway from Qinghai to Tibet is the highest railway in the world. The highlight of this train trip starts from Xining. Along the railway from Xining to Tibet, you would see the Qarhan Salt Lake which is the largest salt lake in China. You can see endless grotesquely-shaped salt flowers and unusual salt lake surroundings. Also, the train trip gives you time to acclimate the attitude.

Joining a group tour

Since traveling to Tibet must be arranged by the local Tibet travel agency, you’d better to join a group tour to keep the cost down. A group tour especially more than six people in will save half money you may spend on a private tour. In a group tour, you will share the guide and transportation fee with others. If there’re six people in a group, you just need to pay one-sixth money of the guide fee. That may save money a lot.

Choosing cheaper guesthouse

When you travel to Tibet, most of your time is on the way to the attraction and enjoy the attraction. It seems you just spend little time at the hotel. So, the best way to save money is to book the cheaper guesthouse instead of the star hotel. The cheap guesthouse costs $8-$15 per night. Most of the guesthouse house doesn’t provide the breakfast. Therefore, you’d better see the details when you book a guesthouse.

Avoid the peak season

Tibet Travel has its off-season and peak season. The peak season is from the April to November. At the peak season, not only the tour price but also the accommodation is more expensive than in the low season. As for travelers who want to travel to Tibet in low season , it is better to come to Tibet in winter. When talking about travel Tibet in winter, you may think low temperature here. It’s incorrect. Though Tibet is a high attitude province, it will be warmer than most of the cities in the north of China. Sometimes, it is warmer than Beijing.

Booking Tibet Tour in Advance

Some travel agency will give their clients some discount if they book the group tour several months in advance. The famous Tibet travel agency Great Tibet Tour will give their client 3% discount if book the tour 3 months in advance. That sounds good for a budget travler.

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