The cost of traveling to Tibet

The cost of traveling to Tibet is is considered much costlier than any other place in the world.

The most important question that arises from virtually all travelers before visiting Tibet deals greatly with the cost. To most, taking a trip to Tibet is considered much costlier than any other place in the world. Obviously, there are many sets of rules guiding international travel and they play prominent roles in the determination of the cost of travel around to Tibet and around. Some of the rules and regulations regarding the international travel that plays the prominent role in affecting the sudden skyrocketing cost of traveling to Tibet are highlighted as follows:

  1. Independent tour is eliminated: As part of the rules and regulations guiding travels, travelers are restricted from touring Tibet independently. All the tours in Tibet are subjected to guider tour where you need a guide to take you all around the city and the guider must be arranged to you by the travel agencies in Lhasa.
  2. 2. Guide: The second rule mandates all travelers and backpackers to have hired a tour guide for all the expected days to stay in Tibet. This covers the fact that those that are taking a free day, all tourists must have hired a tour guide. This also contributed to the increase in the cost of the tour.
  3. Private tourist vehicle: As part of the restrictions, all travelers that are taking a tour outside the city if Lhasa should hired a private tourist vehicle. Meanwhile, the cost of private tourist vehicles are calculated in Kilometers and the cost is ultimately more than a dollar in low season and it could rise as much as 1.59USD per kilometers.
  4. Accommodations: All travelers are assigned to stay in hotels that have the due right and license to accommodate international travelers. Thus, hostels are not granted such license. Some of the hotels are has the due right to accommodate travelers includes the Three Star and some other local hotels. As a result of this restriction, accommodations in Tibet are a little bit expensive for travelers on a specific budget. Above all, travelers are advised to stay in the House of Shambhala to enjoy the best travel experience.
  5. Tibet Travel Permit: It is stated clearly on the front page of the Tibet travel permit that no commission fee is charged for the permit. Yet, travel agencies across Tibet are subjected to hiring someone to work in processing the Permit. Hence, you won’t be charged to make travel permits if you decide to visit any other place in China. This has also contributed greatly to the increase in the cost of the visit to Tibet.

The cost of Traveling to Tibet

It is a known fact that Tibet is one of the places in the world that comes with the high cost of traveling. The cost of traveling from Lhasa to Mountain Everest base camp is about 2000USD per person.

The group tour from Lhasa t Mountain Everest base camp cost from 1050USD to 1150USD. The private tours to mount Kailash cost about 4000-5000 USD per person. Though, there are many tours of low quality provided by some of the minor travel agencies even at a cheaper rate and more importantly, considering a group tour rather than private tour is advised as it would make the whole travel cost cheaper. Ultimately, it can only be advised to make thorough investigations about what is included and what isn’t included in the price of their tours.


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