Budget Xi’an to Lhasa Tour

Start your budget tibet tour from Xián by train or discounted flight.

Xi’an is one the most popular destinations for tourism in China. Famous for the largest ancient city wall left from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the ancient drum and bell towers, Xi’an attracts the world’s attention. With more than 5 billion tourists from all over the world every year, Xi’an is now becoming an international arrival center. If you want to book a budget Xi’an Tibet Tour, this article is just to your taste. With no direct flight from many western countries, you can firstly board a plane to Xi’an and then transfer to Tibet by train. You can stay in Xi’an for …

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The cost of traveling to Tibet

The cost of traveling to Tibet is is considered much costlier than any other place in the world.

The most important question that arises from virtually all travelers before visiting Tibet deals greatly with the cost. To most, taking a trip to Tibet is considered much costlier than any other place in the world. Obviously, there are many sets of rules guiding international travel and they play prominent roles in the determination of the cost of travel around to Tibet and around. Some of the rules and regulations regarding the international travel that plays the prominent role in affecting the sudden skyrocketing cost of traveling to Tibet are highlighted as follows: Independent tour is eliminated: As part of …

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